Medical woven bandage

YURIA-PHARM woven bandage with finished margins that do not fray!


1. FINISHED MARGINS – the margins are finished by webbing, which means that the bandage is manufactured not by gauze cutting, but is webbed as an individual product.


  Does not fray increases efficiency of the dressing, does not contaminate wound with the fibers.

  Does not ravel no need to cut off the tangled elements when applying the bandage.

  Ensures secure fixing raises performance of the personnel and comfort of the patient.

2. DOUBLE THREAD – is a transversal thread which interlaces the bandage breadthwise.


 improves absorption properties, saves time and resources

 increases firmness and security of the dressing

 minimizes consumption which enables to apply less dressing layers.

How supplied:

Woven non-sterile bandage, size: 5 m x 15 cm, type 17.

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