U-FLEX — a step forward in infusion therapy! 

Infusion cannulas

Medicinal preparations shall be administered with special devices — infusion cannulas..

Design and materials used for YURiA-PHARM infusion cannulas, allow applying a single cannula for up to 3 days for infusion therapy (assuming proper installation and care).

YURiA-PHARM infusion cannulas increase physicians’ convenience and patients’ comfort.

Innovative infusion cannula is highly efficient, safe and convenient.

Advantages of U-FLEX infusion cannula:

– Two ports, which doubles effectiveness as compared to classical cannula.

– Protective membrane prevents blood leakage during puncture, and absorbs residual blood from the needle, levelling contamination risks.

– Extension tube for easy installation and connection of the system and patients’ comfort during handling.

– Two Luer connectors and a puncture membrane.

– Guide-needle allows choosing a comfortable puncture angle.

– A clip for instant shut-off and prevention of blood leakage. 

– Sizes from 16G to 24G for all kinds of infusions.


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