Venoport UF — indispensable device for infusion therapy!  

Infusion cannulas

Medicinal agents and preparations shall be administered using special tools – infusion cannulas.

Design and materials used to manufacture YURiA-PHARM infusion cannulas allow applying a single cannula for up to 3 days in infusion therapy (assuming proper insertion and care).

YURiA-PHARM infusion cannulas increase physicians’ convenience and patients’ comfort.

Infusion cannula with an injection port and special wings.

Benefits of VENOPORT UF infusion cannula:

– Adapted shape of the port cap for easy manipulation.

– Flexible Teflon catheter with radiopaque stripes.

– Special sharpening provides a sharp cut of the needle.

– Improved oversized wings — for secure fit.

– Optimally matched angle for easy insertion and reduction of discomfort while in the vein.

– Sizes from 14G to 24G for all types of infusion.


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