UFapp is an interactive reference guide on application of products of international specialised pharmaceutical Corporation YURiA-PHARM.

UFapp contains a barcode scanner, a product catalogue, administration instructions, scales, recommendations, company information, video presentations, clinical calculators and many other items. The application will help doctors optimise their time and increase convenience of product administration.


  1. Open Google Play Market or App Store on your smartphone.
  2. Enter UFapp in the search bar and follow the installation prompt messages.


  • To calculate the required dose

    Clinical calculators will help doctors optimise their time and increase convenience of product administration. Calculation of the required dose by means of special formulas and scales as well as the adjustment to the applicable recommendations, patient’s clinical case and other products within the treatment regimen take a lot of doctor’s time. It is particularly topical for brand new products as YURiA-PHARM annually releases approximately ten items.

  • To gain quick access to product information

    The online barcode scanner enables quick reading of the product barcode and receiving data thereon immediately: a product photo, administration instructions, a calculator, various scales, recommendations, video presentations etc. In addition, there is an option which enables selecting the product on your own by means of the catalogue search function.

  • To familiarise yourself with the Corporation’s products

    The product catalogue will enable users to familiarise themselves with a wide range of products offered by YURiA-PHARM, including more than 100 items!

  • Keep up with the important news of the Corporation

    Only the most important, interesting and topical news of YURiA-PHARM will be published in the separate NEWS section.

UFapp will come in useful for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who regularly apply YURiA-PHARM products in their work. This mobile application will help simplify daily activities and save the time substantially.


Receiving up-to-date information from YURiA-PHARM immediately

All most useful and interesting news of the Corporation will always be in your smartphone.

Using medical calculators

A doctor can calculate the product dose with the special calculator which will provide not only scientific information, but also recommendations subject to the diagnosis.

Saving and sending prescriptions to e-mail

Prescriptions received by means of UFapp can be saved on the gadget and sent by e-mail, for instance, to the patient.

Using a convenient format for administration instructions provision

Product administration instructions are presented in the user-friendly format.

Simplifying search for necessary product information

UFapp contains a lot of useful product information: general description, administration instructions, photographs, references to scientific articles, recommendations, video presentations etc.

Scanning product barcodes

For quick and convenient pass to the cards with the necessary information.

Getting to know more about the company

The separate section contains general information on international specialised pharmaceutical Corporation YURiA-PHARM.

Leaving your feedback on improvement of the application

Feedback from our customers is of critical importance as it will help us improve UFapp.