Research Scientist – Bioconjugation/Delivery Research

Kyiv | 03 February 2023
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Yuria-Pharm Corporation is an international pharmaceutical corporation, one of the most dynamic and fast-growing pharmaceutical manufacturers of Ukraine. The Corporation's strategic priority is the implementation of advanced technologies for the development and production of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical APIs and drugs based on them. We strive to provide patients with access to the highest quality infusion therapy, highly effective targeted therapy, vaccines and therapeutic solutions for combating orphan diseases.

The R&D center of Yuria-Pharm has world-class R&D infrastructure, which allows to carry out a full range of research, development and pilot production of medicinal products based on small molecules, recombinant proteins and mRNA. We have created a unique environment where scientists are able to work on the development of solutions that change lives of millions of patients worldwide.

Our corporate R&D center in Kyiv, Ukraine invites you to join our team as a Research Scientist working on the development of novel vector systems and technologies for eukaryotic recombinant protein expression and RNA production.


  • Conceptualization, design, and synthesis of novel lipid nanoparticle/lipoplex formulations for nucleic acids delivery in-vivo
  • Design, development, and validation of analytical procedures, required for LNP characterization and QC control of final LNP/LPX-based drug formulations
  • Development of pilot-scale production and purification processes for LNP/LPX-based drug products
  • Synthesis and purification of lab and pilot-scale batches of LNP/LPX-formulated drug products to support internal research activities and preclinical/clinical programs.
  • Design and development of technologies and protocols for preparation of bioconjugates for tissue-/cell-specific delivery of drug formulations
  • Analysis, interpretation, documentation and communication of experimental data to stakeholders, preparation of documentation for regulatory submission as a part of the M3 CTD dossier for a drug product.

Basic qualification:

  • MS degree in biology, chemistry
  • 2+ year of total experience in one of the following: 1) Academic/industrial research involving design, synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles of different nature for in-vivo application (internship or project team experience is applicable). 2)Academic/industrial research involving either application/ development, characterization and in vivo-evaluation of biorthogonal conjugation chemistry, suitable for bioconjugation to native proteins (internship or project team experience is applicable)
  • Language knowledge requirements: English (upper-intermediate).

Preferred skills and experience:

  • PhD in biochemistry, biophysics, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, material science
  • Experience with synthesis and characterization of lipid nanoparticles/lipoplexes-drug formulations for nucleic acids delivery in cell culture/in vivo
  • Experience with operation and maintenance of microfluidics-based formulation systems
  • Practical experience with the following analytical technics (experience with the applications for LNP formulations characterization will be an additional plus)




· Spectrometry/Fluorimetry

· Light scattering technics (SLS/DLS)


· NMR spectroscopy

· FTIR spectroscopy


  • Familiarity with modern organic chemistry approaches for combinatorial chemical libraries synthesis and screening
  • Hands-on experience with chromatography-based purification of lipids/lipidoids from crude synthesis mixtures
  • Familiarity with modern approaches to purification of clinical-grade LNP/LPX formulations utilizing state-of-the-art chromatography and TFF technologies, prior experience with chromatography/TFF process development for proteins/polymers purification
  • Practical experience with Agilent/Cytiva(GE) prep chromatography systems operation and maintenance/basic understanding of circuits and electrical engineering
  • Practical experience with software tools for lipid systems, membranes, interphase molecular dynamics simulation, SAR evaluation (Desmond, AMBER, GROMACS, SS etc.)
  • Solid background in chemical thermodynamics and reaction kinetics theory
  • Biochemistry background (or willingness to acquire it in timely manner) required for the understanding of pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of LNP/LPX formulations in vivo.
  • Practical understanding of DoE methodology, experience with the data processing tools, suitable for multivariate data analysis (ex. Statsoft Statistica, SPSS)
  • Solid background in statistical concepts, applicable to life science research
  • Practical experience with analytical method validation according to ICHQ2A guidelines, documentation of validation process in regulated environments (ISO 17025-certified facilities)
  • Basic scripting/programming skills (bash required, Python is preferred)
  • Demonstrated ability to drive complex projects to completion (will be requested).

Special requirements:

  • Self-motivation with strong skills for provisional and operational planning, multitasking
  • The ability to adapt to work in a dynamic development environment
  • Ability to work overtime to meet required deadlines
  • The ability to work in a team and organize the work of teams
  • Accurate record keeping and attention to details in records maintenance.

We offer:

  • A unique world-class integrated R&D platform, enabled with state-of-the-art infrastructure, that provides a full range of opportunities for the implementation of research programs of any complexity
  • The opportunity to work on the most advanced bioprocess platform in Ukraine
  • The possibility of participation in internships and professional development programs, publication of scientific works, patents.
  • A comfortable corporate campus in Kyiv
  • Lunches provided for employees of the laboratory complex
  • Flexible work schedule with the possibility of shifting working hours.
  • An additional 6 days of paid vacation annually
  • Employee special discounts program for the medicines and products of internal manufacturing.
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