About us

We are an ambitious team of professionals united by common values


Work with innovative drugs, medical devices and technologies:

  • trusted by doctors and patients;
  • which save lives, provide pain relief, and accelerate recovery;
  • which minimise the signs of aging.

Unleash your potential in an environment where opportunity abounds together with YURiA PHARM:

  • we are a TOP 3 Ukrainian pharmaceutical company;
  • we operate in over 49 countries;
  • we have the largest production area in Ukraine;
  • we have set the challenging target of becoming a TOP 100 global pharmaceutical company through the implementation of our mission;
  • we are one of the leaders in terms of the number of jobs created in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our culture

Opportunities for our employees:

Benefit the community
Build partnerships and honest relationships with our customers
Work in an atmosphere of support, trust and mutual assistance
Teamwork is the key to the company's success

Spend time with the team:  

Corporate events for employees and their children

What we offer

Company benefits: 
  • Official employment

  • 30 calendar days for vacation instead of 24

Let’s progress together:
  • U-ERA educational platform: interactive courses, knowledge base, corporate library

Work with technological tools:  

  • OFFICE 365 – ability to work from anywhere globally 

  • YURiA-PHARM Planet corporate portal with access to all the information you need  

Additional benefits:
  • Discounts on products and services

Yet more benefits:
  • financial assistance in times of illness and hardship;

  • payout for mother after the birth of a child;

  • corporate watch for contribution to progress (‘10 years together’);

  • performance bonus (‘15 years together’, ‘20 years together’);

  • full supply of drugs in case of COVID-19;

  • post-COVID rehabilitation.

Opportunity for professional and career development

Holding company

Provides for the core functions of the organisation’s work – growth, operations, customer relationship management, financial and economic activities, talent development and corporate excellence

Available positions

R&D In focus:

  • Adaptation, development and scaling up of technologies for the production of biopharmaceutical APIs and drugs based on them 

  • Development of hyaluronic acid-based products

  • Development of active pharmaceutical ingredients 

  • Development and production of hospital medicines and medical devices

Available positions


Our production facilities are located in Ukraine (Cherkasy) and Italy (Trieste)

In Ukraine:

Available positions

Business activities

  • We operate in over 49 countries. 

  • Promotional teams have been set up in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova.

  • We have our own distribution service in Ukraine.

Available positions