R&D Culture

A person at the heart of a team, a team at the heart of the process

Large format communication
The flow of information is the driving force of complex systems. Sharing ideas, raising problems out loud, discussing chosen approaches with experts from different fields, and receiving constant feedback are critical to creating high-quality science, meeting deadlines, and ensuring the professional and personal development of each specialist. The horizontal hierarchy in the corporation allows you to get feedback from both the manager and the CEO if necessary. Regular team meetings and information updates enable effective communication with all project participants. Thanks to numerous communication channels, it is easy to receive or transmit important information as quickly as possible.
Continuing education
Only top-notch scientists and engineers can carry out first-class scientific research. Our HR processes are based on the idea of "a position for a person": when we hire the most talented scientists and engineers who share our mission and are able to adapt to our organizational structure, we give them the opportunity to realize their full potential. We understand that training an expert takes time, a complex specially designed environment and appropriate supervision. With its unique research infrastructure and the best experts in the field, YURIA-PHARM provides young researchers with the opportunity to continuously develop their skills by participating in various projects, training programs and international conferences.
Risk-based development
Time is an important resource for every project. But in the context of saving lives, it is even more important. Due to the huge degree of uncertainty in the process of developing innovative technologies and therapeutic agents, time becomes a rather difficult parameter to control and manage. When planning our activities, we follow a "smart risk" approach and systematically incorporate riskier, but more modern, efficient and faster methods of achieving key project milestones into the workflow. At the same time, we provide support for critical activities using less efficient but proven traditional approaches. A well-established communication platform allows us to make quick decisions to quickly adapt to the evolving project landscape. And it works!
High level of individual autonomy
We trust our colleagues. We are all guided by the same goals and mission, and clearly communicated goals and milestones allow us to trust our people in the approaches they choose to solve problems. By reducing the burden of decision-making wherever possible and justified, we create an effective management system that is consistent with entrepreneurship as one of our core values.
Strong interdisciplinary experience
As we focus on the development of innovative therapeutics and technologies, we are convinced that the greatest achievements are made by teams with broad interdisciplinary expertise. By gaining in-house expertise in various fields (chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, electronics, etc.) and actively collaborating with the best external experts, we encourage and promote interdisciplinary cooperation in YURIA-PHARM R&D. This allows us to see completely new approaches and develop project ideas arising from these interactions.
A person at the heart of the team
By focusing on our goals and the activities that are aimed at achieving them, we consider each person to be the most valuable part of our team. From free meals to special workspaces adapted to the employee's work style. From individual work schedules to round-the-clock access to research infrastructure. From the opportunity to choose a project to constant feedback on every aspect of a person's experience at YURIA-PHARM. We create an environment that allows you to fully realize your potential, maintaining a balance between life and work.