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SNOTTY is intranasal xylitol for irrigation of nasal passages and sinuses in upper respiratory tract infections and allergies. Form of release: nasal spray in a bottle of 30 ml with a sprayer, № 1.

Neurocitin® C

Neurocitin® C – a complete course for the protection and restoration of the neurovascular unit! Neurocitin® C is a solution of citicoline for oral use, indicated to provide patients with step therapy after treatment with parenteral forms containing citicoline, and also designed to improve compliance with treatment.

Keydex inject

KEYDEX INJECT is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. The active substance is dexketoprofen. KEYDEX INJECT is twice as effective as ketoprofen, and the elimination of the R-isomer significantly reduces the risk of side effects when using the drug.

Umerox® Ingal

Umerox® Ingal is an individual device designed for inhalation of methoxyflurane. Methoxyflurane, solution for inhalation, 2 ml administered through the Yumerox® Ingal inhaler is a fast-acting, inhalable and non-narcotic analgesic. Indications ...


REFEX is a combined antibacterial drug containing piperacillin, a semi-synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotic, and tazobactam, an inhibitor of most beta-lactamases. It has a wide range of action (Gr +, Gr-, anaerobes, protozoa), high clinical ...


Ropilong 2 mg/ml is a powerful long-acting analgesic for conductive and epidural analgesia with minimal effect on motor activity. How supplied: bottle of 100 ml; ampoules of 10 ml. View or download Ropilong 2 mg/ml instructions for medical use ...


Kvanadex is a modern sedative from Yuria-Pharm! Kvanadex provides the optimal level of sedation when: regional anesthesia oxygenation procedure performed mechanical ventilation treatment and prevention of delirium With: The patient – calm ...

Breather Barrier

Breather Barrier is a special solution for “breathering” procedure used to moisturize and clean the mucous membrane of the upper airways from allergens, dust and microorganisms (as well as for use in the Breather Airox inhaler ...

Breather Treat

Breather Treat is a special solution for breathering that makes breathing easier by diluting and facilitating the elimination of the secretion of the respiratory tract mucosa in patients with inflammatory diseases of respiratory organs by means ...