Life is the main value on earth

Every day, every second of a patient’s life, free of disease, are important. Every disease of every patient is a unique, complicated and complex phenomenon, which requires deep fundamental understanding of the biological process itself and the most suitable intervention way to cure it.

Advances in biotechnology and biomedical sciences allow us, as never before, to develop and provide truly personalized, precision therapeutics to every patient in need. Taking advantage of it, scientists and engineers our R&D Science Center are working on the most advanced R&D and manufacturing technologies, preclinical and clinical development strategies. They are identifying, screening and developing the most promising candidates to bring every patient the cure they need.

Our Strategy

Being the key element in realization of the YURiA-PHARM’s mission, our R&D-strategy is focused on strengthening our potential as a developer of generic drugs and therapeutic solutions in spectra of different modalities. At the same time, we are proactively investigating and developing innovative therapeutic solutions and modalities, cutting-edge R&D-technologies and solutions to cure the most complex and important diseases.

Our strategy is based on a few key principles:

R&D Culture

Professional development as the moving force of research

High-quality science can only be performed by high-quality professionals. Thus, when opening a new job position, we seek out for the brightest minds in the relevant fields of medicine, biology, chemistry and engineering.

However, we realize, that proficiency takes time and effort to be achieved. And we are proud that our R&D Science Center has long become a platform for professional development for early career researchers and engineers. Having access to a broad spectrum of laboratory equipment and being able to train their skills in a variety of projects, they become unique professionals in their fields. Moreover, we readily provide support with any training needed to enhance knowledge and get access to the cutting-edge technologies through participation in international conferences, seminars and consultations.

We understand that only a creative atmosphere, openness to alternative views/solutions, a team approach to evaluation/decision-making, an “open door” culture that encourages the exchange of ideas, openness to the introduction of ideas from new technological and therapeutic areas, continuous professional development of our scientists ensure the highest possible level of implementation of extremely complex tasks.

Human life is at the center of the corporate philosophy of YURіA-PHARM, and therefore it inspires us to create vital drugs, making them available to patients all over the world.