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BioGENext-2024: shaping the future of medicine through biomedical R&D

BioGENext-2024: shaping the future of medicine through biomedical R&D

The full-scale war and the COVID-19 pandemic proved once again that the preservation of people’s lives depends on the availability of innovative solutions. Since 2015, the YURiA-PHARM Group has been developing a biotechnological R&D infrastructure YP Biotech, setting itself the goal of creating the first center in Ukraine, where a full cycle of biotechnological development…

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Inscience Conference 2023

On June 17-18, On June 17-18, Kyiv hosted a remarkable popular science event dedicated to science for the victory and reconstruction of Ukraine. Our R&D scientists of YURiA-PHARM had the opportunity to share their expertise in developing innovative mRNA-based vaccine solutions.  mRNA vaccines revolutionized medicine. Why, what makes them so special? And how can we…

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We welcome Reka-Med to the YURіA-PHARM group of companies

Together, we will continue scaling up our activities in the countries of Central Asia. The role of Reka-Med is a production site that will meet the demand for YURіА-PHARM products in the countries of Central Asia, and in Ukraine. The company will implement the system and quality standards of YURіА-PHARM, which will make it possible…

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War in Ukraine

Test for resilience under energy deficiency

After massive missile strikes that destroyed critical infrastructure, we faced the need to reduce electricity consumption in order to save power in the unified energy system of Ukraine. At the same time, it was critically important for us to release the planned volume of products. We were preparing for different scenarios, the starting point for…

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Key areas of R&D

  • Adaptation, development and scaling of technologies for the production of biopharmaceutical APIs and drugs based on them
  • Development of products based on hyaluronic acid
  • Development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Development and implementation in manufacturing of hospital drugs and medical devices
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Umerox® Ingal
For Partners

Umerox® Ingal

Umerox® Ingal is an individual device designed for inhalation of methoxyflurane. Methoxyflurane, solution for inhalation, 2 ml administered through the Umerox® Ingal inhalation device is a fast-acting, inhalable and non-narcotic analgesic. Indications for the use of Methoxyflurane are emergency relief of moderate to severe pain in adult patients with trauma who are conscious. Аnesthesia for short-term…