Life is the main value on the Earth. We are aimed at preserving and improving it!

We create unique solutions for health improvement and the treatment of people around the world.

We are inspired by the opportunity to create innovative medicines, medical devices and technologies that:

  • save lives;
  • reduce pain;
  • speed up recovery;
  • minimize the signs of ageing.

Our vision

We are a specialized biopharmaceutical corporation

which is capable of changing style in the pharmaceutical business for better treatment and wellness for people around the world.

Our Values



  • We ensure the high PROFITABILITY of our activities as the basis for the well-being of EMPLOYEES, OWNERS and SOCIETY as a whole, as well as the basis and the opportunity to fulfil our PURPOSE and MISSION.
  • Our INNOVATIONS create STYLE in the pharmaceutical business.
  • We turn creative IDEAS into effective SOLUTIONS to treat and improve people’s health.


  • Ambitious, maximum, high, hard to attain targets fill life with special meaning and significance.
  • Everything that leads to victory (achieving goals, winning), should be done:
    • everyone of us, by setting goals, gains the power and the right to do everything to achieve this goal “WHATEVER IT TAKES!”.
    • while EVERYONE in the company is prepared for such behaviour and accepts it.
    • we display perseverance, ingenuity and innovative approaches, PARTICULARLY in situations where there are difficulties and obstacles.
  • We are guided by the principle of: “Soft on people, tough on problems”.
  • Having accepted the task (purpose), we begin to act immediately, without waiting for additional instructions, working out what needs to be done and taking initiative.
  • The value of any activity or process is its RESULT.
  • We are guided by the principle of:


  • Constant GROWTH is one of the main factors in the success of YURiA-PHARM.
  • Changes are an integral part of growth, and the RATE of CHANGE is what distinguishes a WINNER from the others, and is what really makes him so.
  • Growth (like change) can be painful, but a lack of growth is disastrous.
  • We are not afraid of mistakes and failures, they are the components of GROWTH. Failure leads to success if lessons are learned from it.


  • Partnership is the essence (core) of building a business in our Corporation; it allows us to not only achieve high results, but OUTSTANDING results.
  • We understand partnership as relationships that help (lead to) MUTUAL STRENGTH and to the achievement of the goals of EACH of the partners.
  • We cultivate Partnership relationships in all areas of our interaction (environment): EMPLOYEES, CUSTOMERS, SUPPLIERS, SOCIETY.
  • We participate in projects of PUBLIC and social development, as well as environmental protection projects in the countries (territories) in which we do business.
  • We promote the involvement, development and realisation of the creative potential and talents of our EMPLOYEES, CUSTOMERS, SUPPLIERS, as well as improving their welfare.
  • We create opportunities for our employees to form a decent level of wealth including eldery age.
  • We cultivate high ethical relationship standards:
    • RECOGNITION of achievement and GRATITUDE.
    • PASSION (inspiration) and INVOLVEMENT in any matter we are involved in.
    • Honesty, speed, understanding and positiv of internal communications.
    • Problems are not ignored, they are openly discussed and transformed into TASKS.


By continually refining OUR corporate philosophy, we aim to build a corporate culture that foster the CONDITIONS and OPPORTUNITIES for our EMPLOYEES and PARTNERS to “do the BEST WORK of their lives!” and not just that.


COOPERATION is seen as the COLLECTIVE SOLUTION to achieve a jointly determined goal (it is more than just the EXISTENCE of a common goal), and as an active bilateral or multilateral CONNECTIVE PROCESS that enables more RESOURCES to be mobilised to the benefit of ALL stakeholders