First events for medical students within “Infusion Therapy School” started

First events for medical students within “Infusion Therapy School” started

May 13 – the students of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya, and Zabolotnii Vinnitsa State Medical College were granted with a wonderful chance to get to know more about infusion therapy.

In terms of the Infusion Therapy School, organized by Yuria-Pharm Corporation, the attendees were able to visit lectures of leading national doctor-scientists, the Candidate of Medicine, Oleksander Halushko, and the Candidate of Medicine, Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy at maternity hospital “Leleka”, Yevhen Hryzhymalskyi. The future doctors attended master-class of installing a catheter with flexible cannula (Venoport). Every attendee could try to install the catheter on his own as well as to receive comprehensive responses on their questions.


According to Yevhen Hryzhymalskyi, receiving knowledge during such lectures and master-classes from the competent speakers is extremely interesting and useful both for the student and every medical practitioner or nurse.

Moreover, the students from Vinnytsia could also participate in the training from the innovative platform “Stairs into the Future”, devoted to personal finance management, held by the Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent of National University, I.Akhnovska. The subject became fairly interesting for the attendees, as it allowed them to study how to manage the budget independently according to the suggested methodologies.


“Infusion Therapy School” is a new project of Yuria-Pharm Corporation, aimed to form, develop and improve personal and professional competences, as well as to propagate rational application of infusion therapy. The aim of the project is to create high-capacity platform to transfer knowledge, enable communication with medical practitioners, scientists and future generation of doctors and nurses. Lectures, master-classes and trainings held at the School are planned to be organized all around Ukraine on a regular basis with the involvement of students and interns from medical colleges and HEIs. After studying at the School, the students will be able to test their knowledge with the tasks of All-Ukrainian Olympiad on Infusion Therapy and compete for the medal places.


17 July, 2017