YURiA-PHARM – winner in the nomination “Project of the year of pharm automation from Terrasoft”!!

A year ago, summing up the 2020 calendar year, we talked a lot about Unicorn – a cross-functional platform that was introduced to effectively manage the product portfolio. It was then that Andriy REPALOV, a business process analyst, noted that this platform has not yet reached its target state.

And a year later, it is extremely nice to see the progress that has happened thanks to Unicorn, because we managed to organize the work in 4 processes at once: the development of ideas, Product profile, Market profile and Pre-Launch.

In practice, this means literally systematizing and streamlining the work of a huge cross-functional team, because, for example, in November, in Unicorn figures it is:

  • 226 active users from practically all Directions of the company both in Ukraine and abroad;
  • 10 new product ideas;
  • 4 ideas, 3 Product profiles and 22 Market profiles on which the decision was made;
  • 4500 activities (steps in the process) were created and 1662 were completed.

And it is extremely gratifying that this progress is being seen not only by us, but also by our partners from Terrasoft, on whose platform Unicorn was implemented.

So, YURiA-PHARM is the winner in the nomination “Project of the year of pharm automation from Terrasoft!”.

Receiving the well-deserved award, Andriy REPALOV noted: “Thanks to Unicorn, people got a clear idea of ​​how the process approach works. And for me personally, the biggest reward was the day when the team came up with the initiative to do something different, thus improving the existing process.”