Aesthetic medicine

Development and implementation of dermatological solutions to minimize the signs of aging, including cosmeceuticals and biopolymer injectables for biorevitalization, filling and correction of facial and body skin shapes.

Cosmeceuticals, in combination with instrumental injection techniques, make it possible to involve a wide range of knowledge in creating medical products and proving their biological compatibility to achieve the desired effect for the patient. The study of the processes of chemical and physical conjugation of biopolymers, the selection of molecular weights and the design of the morphology of the particles of gel-like products are the basis for the creation of successful fillers. Biopolymer injectable implants aim to reproduce or improve the shape and condition of the skin, which, in addition, requires careful study and design of the viscoelastic properties of the product. The acquired knowledge and experience are further transposed to other areas of pharmaceutical application of products, such as, for example, systems of targeted delivery or sustained release of pharmaceutical ingredients.