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is a great age for self-discovery, to percept your own body as the greatest treasure, but this age is a special one.

What prevents a woman from enjoying life and changes the plans during menopause?

It is her body hormonal rearrangement: inevitable, compulsive, and exhausting.

The world's gynecologists have developed a test for professional determination of the woman's condition during menopause.

Based on the Kupperman index, it is possible to determine the severity of hormonal changes during menopause, choose the tactics of menopause management, and control the changes in the woman's condition during the therapy chosen.

Take the test and find out your risks of the climacteric syndrome development!

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Question 1/30

1.How often do you experience hot flashes (feeling hot, reddening, excessive sweating, etc.)?

Question 2/30

2.Do you experience excessive sweating?

Question 3/30

3.Has it become more problematic for you to adapt to high temperatures outdoors or indoors?

Question 4/30

4.Have you got any local edemas on your face or legs?

Question 5/30

5.Have you noted increased blood pressure in a stable state or during emotional and physical load?

Question 6/30

6.Have you experienced any drops of blood pressure?

Question 7/30

7.How often do you have headaches?

Question 8/30

8.Do you experience dizziness?

Question 9/30

9.Do you experience tachycardia (palpitations) with no physical or emotional load?

Question 10/30

10.Do you note an increase in blood pressure along with tachycardia?

Question 11/30

11.Do you suffer from local convulsions, loss of sensitivity in the extremities?

Question 12/30

12.Have you been experiencing increased dryness of skin or mucous membranes (itching in the perineum, peeling skin) lately?

Question 13/30

13.How often do you experience allergic reactions?

Question 14/30

14.Have you had any changes from the side of eyeballs (their enlargement, widening of eye fissures, increased glitter)?

Question 15/30

15.Do you suffer from pains in bones, muscles, or joints?

Question 16/30

16.Have you been feeling too thirsty?

Question 17/30

17.Do you have an appetite disorder?

Question 18/30

18.Are you overweight?

Question 19/30

19.Have you had a thyroid disease?

Question 20/30

20.Have you had carbohydrate metabolism disorders (diabetes mellitus)?

Question 21/30

21.Do you have irritability, fussiness, anxiety, or aggressive behavior?

Question 22/30

22.Do you suffer from sleep disorders?

Question 23/30

23.Do you have rapid or excessive fatigability?

Question 24/30

24.Have you noticed any memory impairments?

Question 25/30

25.Do you feel any discomfort during intercourse?

Question 26/30

26.Do you have any changes in your libido?

Question 27/30

27.Do you suffer from urinary incontinence?

Question 28/30

28.Is tearfulness typical for you?

Question 29/30

29.Do you have any obsessions?

Question 30/30

30.Are frequent mood swings or depression typical for you?

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What does a woman need during menopause?

The answer is given by Igor Viktorovich Lakhno, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

What is the basis of changes in menopause?

Watch the video of Elina Heorhiivna Manzhaliy, Doctor of Medical Sciences, anti-age therapist, director of the Institute of Global Longevity, member of the American (AASLD) and European (EASL) Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.

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