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Correction of Iron Deficiency in Patients with CHF: Update of Practical Recommendations

Abstract. The European Society of Cardiology considers iron deficiency as a common comorbid condition in chronic heart failure (CHF) and provides recommendations for its diagnosis and treatment. Nevertheless, in clinical practice, even in developed countries, iron deficiency remains unnoticed by clinicians, and many patients with CHF do not receive replacement therapy, which can positively affect...

Pilot study of anxiolytic drug Lodixem in patients with acute decompensed heart failure

Anxiety disorders often accompany the course of cardiovascular disease and become more pronounced as they progress. Anxiety is also a frequent companion of patients with heart failure (HF). In a recent meta-analysis of 38 studies by K. Easton et al. (2015) estimated that 32% of patients with HF experience an increased level of anxiety, and...