Inscience Conference 2023

Inscience Conference 2023

On June 17-18, On June 17-18, Kyiv hosted a remarkable popular science event dedicated to science for the victory and reconstruction of Ukraine. Our R&D scientists of YURiA-PHARM had the opportunity to share their expertise in developing innovative mRNA-based vaccine solutions. 

mRNA vaccines revolutionized medicine. Why, what makes them so special? And how can we enhance this technology’s effectiveness, efficiency, and ability to tackle even tougher challenges than those posed by the COVID-19 pandemic? Oleksandr HUBAR, Head of the Biotechnological Product Development Department at YURіA-PHARM, unveiled these insights at the Inscience Conference 2023: 

“Production of mRNA vaccines has really changed the rules of the game during the COVID-19 pandemic. This technology has not only saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, but also demonstrated the capacity to develop effective and safe vaccines in record time. However, with new opportunities come new challenges. mRNA, as a technology, may in the future help us create more effective vaccines against seasonal infections, prevent the spread of socially significant diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV, and even even facilitate the development of personalized vaccines for cancer patients. To conquer these challenges, we need to develop a range of innovative technological solutions that will make mRNA-based vaccines applicable to a wide array of diseases while accelerating their production at a lower cost.” 

 “The global scientific community and our team of scientists at YURiA-PHARM, as part of this community, are working on the development of such solutions. For this, YURiА-PHARM has built a comprehensive technological platform that enables full cycle development of mRNA-based therapeutic solutions: from designing the ribonucleic acid molecule itself to synthesizing nanoparticles for efficient delivery. This exceptional infrastructure gives us the unique ability to develop such solutions quickly and efficiently” – Oleksandr HUBAR shared his thoughts with the participants of the conference. 

We firmly believe that modern biopharmaceutical technologies will revolutionize the treatment approaches to many diseases that are difficult or impossible to cure today. mRNA-based therapeutics stand at the forefront of this transformation. Developing such technologies not only potentially provides patients with life-changing solutions but also serves as our contribution to the support and expansion of the technological potential of Ukraine in wartime and after our victory. 

20 June, 2023

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