Yuria-Pharm pharmaceutical corporation contributed as a title sponsor of the biggest scientific event of 2016

Yuria-Pharm pharmaceutical corporation contributed as a title sponsor of the biggest scientific event of 2016

October 6-7 2016, Kyiv, The National Complex “Expocenter of Ukraine”.  The biggest eventfor  medicalcommunity of Ukraine, the III International Congress on Infusion therapy, took place under the titlesponsorship of  Yuria-Pharm Corporation.

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Why the biggest event?

Thisyear the Congress hada record numberof participants: about 500 nursesand more than 2000 doctorsof  30  different specialties. Among them:

– around 100 Doctors of Medicine

– More than 40 PhDs

So the overall number of participants made up over 2500 medical professionals

What happened?

Over 18 hours of highly informative lectures and presentations, professional communication and networking,  exchange of ideas and useful practices, discussions and practical workshops, new product presentations,  unforgettable atmosphere and elegant entertainment…

This is how the participants will remember  the III International Congress on Infusion therapy

Watch the video

Congress materials

Congress materials are available here: https://infusiontherapy.org/uk/

Articles: https://infusiontherapy.org/uk/

Extracts: https://infusiontherapy.org/uk/

Presentations: https://infusiontherapy.org/uk/

Resolution: https://infusiontherapy.org/uk/

Please find the picturesof the 2-day Congress on our official website and on Facebook



Pictures from ‘Kyiv, 1816’ are only available inour Facebook group:


Theorganizing Committee of theIII International Congress onInfusion therapy would like to thank all the participants, speakers and supporters who made the whole event possible.  

We sincerely hope that the Congress managed to become a special space for sharing ideas, making new connections and working productively for 2 days.   


Forus to make thenext, IV InternationalCongress on Infusion therapyof 2020 better  organized and more informative for you, please answer a couple of questions below. 

Open questionnaire: https://goo.gl/forms/

Wishing all the participants good health and professional growth!

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13 December, 2016

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