Year of war in Ukraine!!

Last year for us, like all Ukrainians, was a daily test for stability and loyalty to a common idea. We each received a unique experience of restructuring processes and organizing work in new realities.
From the very first days of the full-scale invasion, we began to resume manufacturing activities. Logistics is the most critical issue of the first week of the war. We quickly worked out new logistics routes to maintain the continuity of supply chains.
We adapted to work under martial law and power outrages.

By united we:

  • Saved our teams. 2,658 like-minded people – this is the size of our Team today.
  • Promptly satisfied urgent needs for our medicinal products and medical devices.
  • Expanded the product range of painkillers and antibacterials. In the shortest possible time, we launched onto the market products that can be used on the battlefield (Nalbuphine, Yumerox, Revul).
  • Carried out all export deliveries. Despite the increased delivery times, our partners abroad were waiting for our products.
  • We balanced the financial and economic aspects of the activity and promptly paid taxes and all other required payments to employees and partners.
  • Initiated and successfully launched a project to localize manufacturing in Uzbekistan to optimize supply chains to the Central Asian markets.
  • We opened own distribution company in Kazakhstan.
  • Continued financing of development projects in Ukraine that started before the war. We have launched new ones.
  • In the field of R&D, we continued developments that can bring the Ukrainian pharmaceutical technologies to another level of global recognition. And the results were there: We completed a milestone in developing a platform for expressing recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

Have we changed this year? Yes, the war mobilized and united us. Tempered. “Ukrainized” even more. Daily and beyond, we have an essential task – to meet the high title of a “Ukrainian company”, to be socially responsible for the correspondence of words and actual deeds, to make our contribution to victory, to be economically viable, to be humane, helping and supporting.

Our Philosophy and strategic focuses remain unchanged – to implement the MISSION of YURiA-PHARM, providing the healthcare systems of the countries, where we are present, with vital products and building the capacity of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical group of companies YURiA-PHARM to develop highly intelligent, high-tech solutions. Solutions that will be worthy of attention and that will be admired both in Ukraine and around the world.

Thus, we continue to create our common Ukrainian future together!

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Glory to the Ukrainians! Slava Ukraini!