Minimization and correction of early and long-term consequences of ischemic, inflammatory, traumatic brain damage remain one of the most urgent problems of neurology. That is why the search for appropriate solutions is a priority direction for the development of neurological focus products of YURіА-PHARM.

We are conducting research on new molecules and their combinations capable of effectively inhibiting the cascading mechanisms of damage and death of neurons, components of neuroglia, which are triggered in the area of ​​brain tissue damage of various genesis. We are also exploring opportunities to optimize the delivery routes of active molecules to blood vessels and brain tissue. The use of new generation drugs capable of reducing long-term pathomorphological changes will make it possible to mitigate motor, behavioral, sensory, cognitive, and vestibular disorders, reduce the terms of rehabilitation of patients, reduce the probability of development and the severity of disability in nosologies, which are the leading causes of disability due to brain tissue damage.