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The anesthesiologist and specialist on medical emergency conditions

The place of modern α-2-agonists in the intraoperative sedation of trauma / orthopedic patients

Abstract. Modern traumatological operations have a number of features: duration, a large pool of age-related patients with low functional reserves, forced position of the body, operations are often under regional anesthesia with a conserved consciousness, which requires special attention from the anesthesiologist. Intraoperative sedation by intravenous agents is used to prevent stress ...

Efficacy and safety of Infulgan administration in perioperative analgesia in injured persons having the traumatic disease in the clinical presentation of polytrauma

Comorbidity is a coexistence of two and/or more syndromes (transsyndromal comorbidity) or conditions (transnosological comorbidity) in one patient, which are pathogenically interrelated or simultaneous (chronological comorbidity).