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State of metabolic processes and ways to improve them in premenopausal women due to the Life Extension Strategy

Increasing the duration and improving the quality of life of older age groups is a significant problem of modern medicine. Metabolic disorders in the form of diabetes mellitus type II and atherogenic dyslipidemia lead to a significant level of cardiovascular complications. It is known that the appointment of hormone replacement therapy is not able to...
Obstetrician-gynecologist, Oncogynecologist, Urologist

Rheosorbilact improves the efficacy of empirical therapy for pelvic inflammatory disease (a case report)

The article presents a clinical case of the intravenous usage of sorbitol solution additionally to the combi‑nation of levofloxacin and ornidazole in patient with acute bilateral salpingoophoritis. On a background of treatment a significant clinical improvement was observed with subsequent recovery of the patient asso‑ciated with rapid restoration of ovarian artery hemo‑dynamics ...

The ways to ameliorate the efficiency of treatment for women with pelvic inflammatory disease

The inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs are known to be one of the important problems of modern gynecology, which is due to the high frequency of chro-nicity of the process and a large number of complications. The article provides a theoretical and practical substantiation of the use of the drugs Rheosorbilact and Grandazol to...