Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death worldwide. Urbanization, a sedentary lifestyle and unbalanced nutrition lead to an increase in the number and “rejuvenation” of cardiovascular diseases. This also affects the socio-economic status, because significant disturbances of the cardiovascular system can become an obstacle to a full-fledged life, professional activity, etc. The development of CVD can be prevented by eliminating or correcting energy and metabolism disorders.

The goals of YURiA-PHARM in this direction are the development of new drugs aimed at increasing the mitochondrial function of cardiomyocytes, increasing neurotransmission, ensuring a balance between the production of intracellular energy and its consumption. Development of means with a powerful energy effect capable of strengthening the Krebs cycle. In this way, it is possible to ensure a quick and long-term recovery of energy exchange at the cellular and tissue levels, to improve the penetration of nutrients into tissues in conditions of hypoxia of any etiology.

The determined strategic direction is also the prevention of the development of endothelial dysfunction, as a harbinger of a severe course of CVD. We are searching for effective ways to implement complex therapy for hypertension, heart failure and arrhythmias of various genesis.