Active substance formulated into Tivortin® – L-arginine amino acid — is the only substrate for nitric oxide (NO) synthesis in humans.

Tivortin® aspartate is a potent vasodilator, vascular tone regulator.  

Tivortin® aspartate is a universal angioprotector: 

reduces activation and adhesion of leukocytes to the endothelium;

has antithrombotic properties, reduces platelets adhesion, their activation and aggregation; 

prevents pathological vascular remodeling and atherosclerosis progression.

Xylat-Tivortin course Life Extension

40+ is a wonderful age to discover yourself, to accept your body as the greatest value, but this age is special.

During this period of life, a woman needs additional care: energy saturation, acceleration of metabolism, improvement of microcirculation of tissues and organs to normalize their work and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Xylat-Tivortin course is designed specifically to improve the quality of life of women.

Xylat-Tivortin course Life Extension:

  • provides energy and emotional uplift
  • raises the standard of living and improves the women status at menopausal age
  • reduces the manifestations of menopause
  • edema decreases, due to which body weight decreases

The mechanism of influence of the Life Extension course on a woman’s body:

  • restoration of energy metabolism in cells
  • improving carbohydrate metabolism
  • support of vascular endothelial function
  • improvement of microcirculation

Xylat-Tivortin course Life Extension

Watch the video report (in Ukrainian) of Professor Lakhno Igor Viktorovich about Xylato-Tivortin Life Extension course (from 18:35 minute):

See the instructions for medicines included in the Xylat-Tivortin course:
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