Over the past 30 years monoclonal antibodies (MABs) have proven to be a reliable treatment option for a variety of disorders including cancer, autoimmune diseases, viral infections, asthma and others. The advantage of antibodies is based on their ability to bind specifically to a target molecule. Due to such interaction they are able to induce apoptosis, inhibit cell growth, mimics or block a ligand, thus impairing or blocking a biological (or a pathological) process.

Specificity, sensitivity and low immunogenicity, of antibody-based therapeutics have made them an effective tool for targeted treatment in oncology when certain genetic markers are known to be produced or overexpressed by malignant cells. Moreover, conjugation of MABs with cytotoxic compounds allows to discriminate between healthy and cancer tissues and increase the cell-killing potential of cytotoxic drugs. Immunotherapy has become an integral part of treatment protocols for colorectal, breast, lung, ovarian, skin, gastric cancers and some types of leukemias and lymphomas.

However, in some health states the immune system needs to be suppressed. This applies to patients with autoimmune disorders or those undergoing organ transplants. Although non-specific suppressive therapies exist, MAB-based biologics allow to impede specific pathways of the immune system to achieve more targeted and less devastating effect on the patient’s health. TNF-a, interleukin and B cell inhibitors, have been successfully used for treatment of Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and etc.

Development of protein-based therapeutics, mainly MABs, is the one of the key priorities of YURiA-PHARM in the field of biotechnology. We understand the therapeutic value of biologics in cancer and some inherited diseases. Thus, we aim to make this treatment option more accessible and affordable for patients in need.

Our team of experts is working on introducing platform solutions for full-cycle recombinant protein development: from discovery to pilot production. Our modular expression vector assembly system allows to design vector architectures of various complexities and easily modify them for further project needs. We engineer cell lines and optimize cultivation parameters to ensure high titer production of target proteins. We perform comprehensive clonal cell line profiling and implement state-of-the-art analytical methodologies for in-depth product characterization. Universal applicability of these platforms allows the development of different classes of recombinant proteins that have potential therapeutic value.

Understanding the importance and revolutionary nature of biotechnology discoveries, YURiA-PHARM is developing both biosimilar and original protein therapeutics including MABs, fusion proteins and TGF-B family growth factors to be used for treatment of cancer, autoimmune disorders and orthopedic impairments.