Chronic kidney disease occupies a special place among diseases of the urinary system. Patients with such a diagnosis need replacement therapy in the form of dialysis – blood purification from metabolic products. This procedure should be carried out systematically and be accessible to the patient, whose life depends on timely treatment.

Currently, YURіA-PHARM manufactures concentrated acid and bicarbonate solutions for hemodialysis, as well as complex solutions for peritoneal dialysis, including generic drugs and delivery systems.

At the same time, our team continues to work on the development of new original solutions for peritoneal dialysis. The main focus is the search for a new generation of solutions that will reduce irritation of the peritoneum and promote its recovery, which will prolong the viability of the peritoneum and the possibility of using the peritoneal dialysis treatment method itself for a long time.
In parallel with new solutions, we are also developing medical products that are needed for their introduction. Such systems consist of many elements, each of which we strive to make more ergonomic and safe for the patient.

Our ultimate goal is to offer a convenient comprehensive solution that can effectively provide peritoneal dialysis for at least 8-10 years.