Place of modern regional anesthesia techniques in the perioperative period. Advantages of long-term epidural analgesia with ropivacaine

Cardiovascular surgeon, Combustiology, Neurosurgeon, Obstetrician-gynecologist, Oncogynecologist, Oncologist, Orthopaedic Trauma, Surgeon, The anesthesiologist and specialist on medical emergency conditions, Urologist
Place of modern regional anesthesia techniques in the perioperative period. Advantages of long-term epidural analgesia with ropivacaine

Summary. The article deals with the use of modern regional analgesia techniques in the perioperative period.

A review of the literature was also conducted, which includes issues of pain control in patients in the perioperative period, characteristics of pain in surgical patients, features of pain relief methods, and certain aspects of the characteristics of local anesthetics.

Based on the review of the literature, it can be concluded that neuraxial anesthesia, as well as blockade of peripheral nerves and plexuses have become an integral part of the modern clinical practice of an anesthesiologist.

Due to a number of advantages, various methods of local and regional anesthesia are gaining acceptance, and the use of extended catheter techniques for central and peripheral blockades is now recognized as a standard technique in the perioperative management of surgical patients. In modern regional anesthesia and analgesia, both in outpatient settings and in surgical hospitals, the effectiveness and safety of local anesthetics are of fundamental importance.

Key words. Analgesia, regional anesthesia, ropivacaine, local anesthetics.

Authors: Dubrov S.O., Dmytriiev D.V.


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