Characteristics of cytotoxic effect of decamethoxine in different cell cultures

General practitioner, Pediatrician, Pulmonologist

SO «National Institute of Phthisiology and Pulmonology named after F.G. Yanovskyi NAMS of Ukraine», Kyivв

Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education MoH of Ukraine, Kyiv

Objective. To study parameters of cytotoxic effect of decametoxine in cell cultures.
Materials and Methods. Cytotoxicity of 0.02 % solution of decamethoxine was evaluated by microtechnique in cultivated cells of human adenocarcinoma of human larynx (HEP-2; Cincinnati strain) and dog kidney (MDCK).
Results and Discussion. Mean cytotoxic dose of decametoxine CD50 in HEP-2 cell culture makes up 3.213 and ranges from 2.627 to 3.716 mcg/ml. Therefore, mean MTC value in this culture is 1.563 and ranges from 1.314 to 1.858.
Estimation of cytotoxic action of decametoxine in MDCK cell culture revealed that CD50 makes up 12.5 mcg/ml and ranges from 10.51 to 14.87 mcg/ml, MTC ranges from 5.26 to 7.43 mcg/ml. In terms of indices of cytotoxic effect (CD50 and MTC), decametoxine is 4.0 times less toxic in MDCK cell culture than in HEP-2 cell culture.
Conclusions. Cytotoxic effect of decametoxine depends on type of the culture, concentration of the drug substance and duration of the drug exposure of the cells.

Key words: decametoxine, quaternary ammonium compounds, cell cultures, cytotoxic action, parameters of cytotoxicity.