Anesthesia and pain medicine

Anesthesia and inhalation sedation is an innovative direction in the field of medical technology and pharmaceuticals to improve the lives of patients during and after surgical treatment. More than 85% of patients on mechanical ventilation require sedation for comfort and safety. It is also necessary to facilitate the tolerability of emergency interventions. We focus on developing inhalation sedation solutions for minimally invasive surgery and intensive care specialists.

Our second focus is the development of medical devices and medicines for effective pain management. In this way, a portfolio of drugs for multimodal analgesia was created, which involves the use of two or more analgesics with different mechanisms of action. This allows to achieve adequate pain relief with a minimum of side effects.

We are innovating delivery vehicles and pharmacological agents that are non-invasive, non-narcotic, and non-conscious. Today, we have the possibility of our own synthesis of API Methoxyflurane and have developed the medicine Yumerox. Its use in a complex with an individual device for inhalation use of Yumerox® Inhal will allow patients to return to their usual activities in a shorter period of time, while experiencing less pain and discomfort during short-term painful therapeutic or diagnostic manipulations, as well as in the case of emergency treatment of acute traumatic pain.