Keydex inject

KEYDEX INJECT is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. The active substance is dexketoprofen. KEYDEX INJECT is twice as effective as ketoprofen, and the elimination of the R-isomer significantly reduces the risk of side effects when using the drug.

Umerox® Ingal

Umerox® Ingal is an individual device designed for inhalation of methoxyflurane. Methoxyflurane, solution for inhalation, 2 ml administered through the Yumerox® Ingal inhaler is a fast-acting, inhalable and non-narcotic analgesic. Indications for the use of Methoxyflurane are emergency relief of moderate to severe pain in adult patients with trauma who ...


Ropilong 2 mg/ml is a powerful long-acting analgesic for conductive and epidural analgesia with minimal effect on motor activity. How supplied: – bottle of 100 ml; – ampoules of 10 ml. View or download Ropilong 2 mg/ml instructions for medical use in PDF. Ropilong 7.5 mg/ml and 10 mg/ml is ...

How supplied:

  • 10 ml
  • 100 ml



How supplied:

10 mg/ml — 10 mg/ml — 1 ml or 2 ml ampoules; 10 mg/ml — 1 ml or 2 ml pre-filled syringes.


Potent long-acting anaesthetic for infiltration, conduction and epidural anaesthesia.


How supplied:

5.0 ml ampoules; 5.0 ml vials; 20.0 vials; 50.0 ml vials.


The most prescribed analgesic in Europe: it is prescribed to 78 % of postoperative patients.


How supplied:

Infulgan® solution for infusion 1000 mg — 100 ml.
Infulgan® solution for infusion 500 mg — 50 ml.
Infulgan® solution for infusion 200 mg — 20 ml.