ReO water for medical purposes

It recommended for conditions that are accompanied by dehydration and intoxication:

  • •  Toxicosis of pregnancy
  • •  Hot weather or climates
  • •  Sport & exercise
  • •  Gastrointestinal infection in children
  • •  Alcohol intoxication
  • •  Poisoning
  • •  Diarrhea
  • •  Fever

Thanks to a balanced water-salt composition ReO provides the most rapid absorption of water and electrolytes. Eliminates the symptoms of dehydration (fatigue, headache, dry skin and mucous membranes), prevents dehydration, normalizes diuresis and reduces toxicity. No preservatives, dyes and carbohydrates.

Good taste! ReO has a pleasant salty taste, easy to drink and can be taken even nausea.

How supplied

Bottle 950 ml.

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