Soda-Buffer® is indicated for treatment of diseases and pathological conditions accompanied by metabolic acidosis.

Injection of 20 ml of Soda-Buffer® during infusion provides physiological рН level of solutions with acidic reaction. Patented СО2 soda buffering technology makes it possible to obtain a solution with рН of 7.3–7.8, i.e. almost the physiological level of the human body, whereas the regular soda (sodium bicarbonate, 4.2 %) has pH of 8.3–8.5.

The use of Soda-Buffer® in clinical practice minimizes the risk of abrupt changes in blood pH and development of decompensated alkalosis with all its consequences.

How supplied

  • 200 мл
  • 400 мл
  • 100 мл

Sales Markets

Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.

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