Tivor-L® is a unique combination of L-carnitine and NO donor to reduce myocardial ischemia and increase exercise tolerance.

Tivor-L® is used as part of the complex therapy of coronary heart disease, coronavirus disease of moderate severity, post-covid-19 syndrome (or Long COVID), diabetes, etc.

Thanks to its complex composition (2.0 g of levocarnitine and 4.2 g of L-arginine hydrochloride), Tivor-L® improves the energy supply of the heart muscle, enhances the oxidation of carbohydrates in the Krebs tricarboxylic acid cycle, provides antioxidant, cytoprotective, antihypoxic; improves endothelial function; due to L-arginine prevents the development and progression of atherosclerotic plaques.


Levocarnitine has a cardioprotective effect, provides additional energy adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from fatty acids, is a direct antioxidant, prevents cell apoptosis.

L-arginine improves microcirculation, increases the level of NO in the lungs – reduces spasm of the bronchi and pulmonary arteries, helps to reduce the pressure in the pulmonary artery.

Thus, Tivor-L® provides powerful protection of the cardiovascular system and pathogenetic treatment of COVID-19. Tivor-L® is one of the components of the syndrome-pathogenetic scheme(Xavron® + Tivor-L® + Rheosorbilact®), which helps to counteract the cytokine storm and reduce the risk of fatal complications.


According to Harvard Medical School, a Post-COVID-19 long-hauler is a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 but has not returned to baseline health and functioning after 3-6 months after the disease.

According to German researchers (Seeßle J et al., 2021), only 23% of patients fully returned to normal 12 months after COVID-19. Symptoms of Long COVID are caused primarily by systemic inflammation (as an “echo” of the cytokine storm of the acute phase of COVID-19) and endothelium – an inflammatory lesion of the inner wall of blood vessels.

Tivor-L has a cardioprotective, antiarrhythmic effect, improves endothelial function, increases tolerance to exercise. Tivor-L® is one of the components of the syndrome-pathogenetic scheme (Xavron® + Tivor-L® + Xylat®) of drug recovery of patients with Long COVID.


With coronary heart disease (CHD), every second patient stops taking statins within 1 year of therapy. The synergistic action of Tivor-L® and statins will help reduce LDL cholesterol levels to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events and death:

The use of Tivor-L® in patients with coronary artery disease significantly reduces the number of ventricular arrhythmias and reduces the incidence of atrioventricular blockade.

In men, erectile dysfunction, which often has common pathogenetic mechanisms with ischemic heart disease, requires attention. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction among men over 45 years old is 53-55%. A man with erectile dysfunction and no cardiac symptoms should be considered a “cardiac” (or “vascular”) patient until proven otherwise. Tivor-L® provides pathogenetic therapy for erectile dysfunction of vascular origin.

How supplied: solution for infusions 100 ml.

How supplied
100 ml
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Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan.