Sufer® is an intravenous iron preparation for rapid clinical and haematological correction of iron deficiency:

  • twice faster compared to other types of iron preparations;
  • by 25 % lower need for erythropoietin when administered concurrently with other medications.

Active substance: 1 ml of the solution contains 20 mg of iron as iron (III) hydroxide-sucrose complex.

Iron-deficiency conditions:

  • for rapid replenishment of iron;
  • patients who cannot tolerate oral iron preparations or fail to comply with their regular administration;
  • for treatment of active inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, when oral iron preparations are ineffective.

Information for professionals of the MoH of Ukraine.
Please read the patient information leaflet carefully before use.
Marketing Authorization of the MoH of Ukraine No. UA/13269/01/01 of 04.10.2013 No. 860.

How supplied:

100 mg (5 ml) ampoules No.5; 200 mg (10 ml) vial, special solvent included — 0.9 % NaCl-Soluven 100 ml.

How supplied
100 ml
5 ml
Sales markets

Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.