Feedback on Revul hemostatic bandage from the Chief Surgeon of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Feedback on Revul hemostatic bandage from the Chief Surgeon of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

We share with you feedback on the use of the Revul hemostatic bandage from the Chief Surgeon of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel of the Medical Service, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Kostyantyn Gumenyuk.

FEEDBACK on the hemostatic bandage REVUL

In the work of combat medics and military surgeons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in mobile hospitals to stop bleeding, a material was used – chitosan-based dressing hemostatic REVUL zigzag with dimensions of 11.2 x 1.83 m, company “YURIA-PHARM”.

The results were evaluated in two stages.

  • The first: when the bandage was used by combat medics on the battlefield for the wounded.
  • The second: it is used by military surgeons during operations in mobile hospitals.

According to the first stage – all the wounded who were brought to the mobile hospital with the use of the REVUL bandage, namely gunshot wounds of soft tissues of various localizations, without damage to the main vessels – there was no active bleeding from the wound, which indicates about the good hemostatic properties of this bandage. Side reactions from the use of this bandage were not noted in the injured.

During operations, REVUL was used in the wounded with gunshot injuries with large tissue defects, namely: skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles, and for the purpose of tamponade and stopping bleeding in the abdominal cavity, specifically the lateral side canals of the abdomen, retroperitoneal space, and pelvic cavity. In case of significant defects and active non-mainline bleeding, 2 and 3 pieces of the product were sometimes used for one damaged anatomical area, thereby achieving a hemostatic effect.

We currently have no experience of using the REVUL hemostatic bandage for gunshot wounds of parenchymal organs (liver, kidneys, spleen) for the purpose of temporarily stopping bleeding or as an auxiliary agent.

In my opinion, it is advisable to use this hemostatic agent REVUL by combat medics in the wounded on the battlefield, provided that it is not to stop arterial bleeding.

To determine whether it is possible to use REVUL in wounds of parenchymal organs, further such studies are needed and to determine for what day this bandage can be removed from the wound site or it can remain in the wound site.

The bandage is widely used in the surgical service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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23 November, 2023