Stress hyperglycemia: discussion of ways to eliminate it with the help of sugar alcohols

The literature review considers the prospect of resuming active use of sugar alcohols in the practice of intensive care. The information is focused on the characteristics of the metabolism and the expected effects of sugar five-carbon alcohol xylitol. The feasibility of using xylitol solutions is justified by reducing the risk of hyperglycemia, the need for insulin administration, and at the same time, reducing the risk of hypoglycemic states and preventing the development of Warburg effect.
Keywords: sugar alcohols; xylitol; hyperglycemia; excess insulin; hypoglycemia; insulin resistance; cellular energy production; Warburg effect; review

17 July, 2019

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Astenic syndrome in a post-covid-19 patient (review and own experience)

Among the symptoms and syndromes that dominate the clinical picture of postcoid syndrome (POST-COVID-19), the signs of asthenia, increased fatigue, excessive exhaustion during normal daily activities, which form asthenic syndrome, are highlighted. For the treatment of postcoid asthenic syndrome, a combination of pathogenetically justified agents has been proposed: podaravone (Xavron), a mixture of L-arginine and...

” Long-haulers “: patients with post-covid syndrome in routine clinical practice

At the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, SARS-CoV 2 disease was thought to be transient (like most respiratory viral infections). The World Health Organization later reported that the duration of a new coronavirus disease from the onset of the first symptoms to mild clinical recovery is ≈2 weeks, and in severe or moderate cases,...