Astenic syndrome in a post-covid-19 patient (review and own experience)

Among the symptoms and syndromes that dominate the clinical picture of postcoid syndrome (POST-COVID-19), the signs of asthenia, increased fatigue, excessive exhaustion during normal daily activities, which form asthenic syndrome, are highlighted. For the treatment of postcoid asthenic syndrome, a combination of pathogenetically justified agents has been proposed: podaravone (Xavron), a mixture of L-arginine and L-carnitine (Tivorel), and a solution of xylitol (Xylate). 12 patients received the planned infusion program; the total duration of treatment was 14 days. Results: already on the 7th day of treatment, there was a significant decrease in the severity of weakness and fatigue of patients. At the end of the study, there was also an improvement in working capacity, a decrease in the severity of the feeling of “weakness” and an improvement in the ability to concentrate and attention. All patients tolerated the infusion program satisfactorily, no complications or side effects were observed during infusion therapy.

Key words: COVID-19, postcoid syndrome, asthenic syndrome, edaravone, Xavron, Tivorel, Xylat.