Use of Okodek for sanitation of the conjunctiva in the treatment of diseases of eyes

General practitioner, Ophthalmologist, Pediatrician

Family Medicine and Outpatient Care Department of P, L, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Kviv.

Modern medicine, having a whole arsenal of antimicrobial drugs, is not able to fully solve the problems of prevention and treatment of diseases caused by microbes. Scientists explain this by development of antibiotic resistance, specificity of pharmacokinetics of drugs the systemic application of which does not allow creating the required drug concentration in the abnormal focuses; presence of expressed side effects; high cost of systemic therapy.

At the same time, misuse of antiseptic drugs for the treatment of local infectious and inflammatory diseases causes the increase in pyoinflammatory complications.

In the National List of Essential Medicines and Medical Devices as approved by the Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU) No. 333 dated 25/03/2009, as amended by the Regulation of the CMU No. 449 (449-2015-p) dated 22/04/2015, some antiseptic drugs that were previously used in medical facilities (boric acid preparations, io­dine preparations, hydrogen peroxide, potassium, ethanol, brilliant green) are currently excluded. Instead, in 2003, the clinic practitioner’s arsenal was enlarged with domestic antiseptic drug Dekasan® (decamethoxin), which is now approved for medicinal use and commercial production by the domes­tic pharmaceutical industry.

Objective of the research is to study, using literary source data with the de­scription of performed experimental studies, the efficacy of national anti­septic drugs with decamethoxin as an active ingredient in the treatment of pyoinflammatory processes of the mucosa, in particular their use in the ophthalmic practice.



6 November, 2017