Intravenous solution comprising: theophylline 2 mg/ml, potassium chloride 0,3 mg/ml, magnesium chloride 0,2 mg/ml.
DERKAST® is indicated for treatment of patients with moderately to severely bronchial asthma (BA) exacerbation and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

DERKAST® can be attributed to the second-line drugs for treatment of patients with BA and COPD.

A necessity to prescribe the second-line drugs in a clinical setting is caused by an obtusion of the β2-adrenoreceptors to the β2– adrenoceptor agonist due to its rapid application in the prehospital stage in view of the worsening condition. At the same time, up to the present time for patients with moderately to severely BA exacerbation and COPD a combined medication in the market, which can reserve both the bronchospasm and the inflammation, was not submitted. DERKAST® is the based control of the bronchospasm and the inflammation at the hospital stage.

By inhibiting PDE 3, PDE 4, PDE 5 phosphodiesterases DERKAST® contributes to the development of the broncholytic and the anti-inflammatory effects, and its potassium and magnesium ions allow to achieve the required effects.

Reversing the inflammation and the bronchospasm with the use of DERKAST®:

  • → Standby control of the exacerbation symptoms;
  • → Reduction of the exacerbation length;
  • → Reduction of the exacerbation frequency.

Indications: Broncho-obstructive syndrome of bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, disorders of the respiratory center (sleep paroxysmal apnea), “pulmonary heart”.

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