NEUROCITIN® — is an infusion solution for multidimensional neurological protection in acute cerebrovascular accidents.

NEUROCITIN® offers an opportunity for multidimensional neurological protection owing to the following effects:

  • Rapid functional rehabilitation aimed at reduction of ischemic brain injury and at improvement of tissue perfusion.
  • Alleviation of neuronal toxicity of cellular debris by reducing the levels of toxic products and restoring the circulating volume.
  • Limiting the progress of apoptosis by means of improved cholinergic transmission in the zones of potentially reversible brain injury.
  • Regeneration of neuronal membranes by reducing cerebral oedema and by exerting a membrane-stabilising influence.
  • Regeneration of zones of hypoperfusion and hypoxia by protecting neuronal membranes from damage via an additional antioxidant action.


  • Acute phase of cerebrovascular accidents and the treatment of complications and sequelae of cerebrovascular accidents;
  • Сraniocerebral trauma and its sequelae;
  • Neurological disorders (cognitive, sensory and motor) caused by degenerative and vascular cerebral conditions.

How supplied

  • solution for infusions 2000 mg/200 mL;
  • solution for infusions 1000 mg/100 mL;
  • solution for infusions 500 mg/50 mL.
How supplied
100 ml
200 ml
Sales markets

Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Libya, Mongolia.