Treatment of acute and chronic respiratory diseases, accompanied by the formation of sputum with high viscosity.

INGAMIST® (acetylcysteine)

Significantly increases the efficiency of the treatment of acute and chronic respiratory diseases, accompanied by the formation of mucus with high viscosity due to:

→ Thinning of mucus due to the ability of sulfhydryl groups of acetylcysteine help to break disulphide bonds of acidic mucopolysaccharides of the mucus, leading to depolarization of mucoproteides and reduction of mucus viscosity.

IMPORTANT! The drug remains active even in the presence of purulent sputum.

→ Restoration of the cilia movement of the ciliated epithelium of the respiratory tract mucous membrane, followed by the evacuation of sputum;

→ Protection from damage due to inflammation of the structural elements of the bronchial tree and lungs:

  • oothe drug stimulates the secretion of surfactant;
  • oothe drug has a cytoprotective effect;
  • oothe drug promotes excretion of active radicals (antioxidant effect).

→ Reduction of mucositis;

→ The presence of the antibacterial effect and the ability to destroy bacterial biofilms, formation of which often leads to inefficiency of etiotropic (antibacterial) therapy.


Respiratory diseases, accompanied by the formation of increased viscosity mucus (acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mucoviscidosis, asthma, etc.).

How supplied:

Solution for injection, 100 mg/ml, 3 ml in ampoules No. 10.

How supplied
3 ml
Sales markets

Georgia, Tajikistan, Ukraine.