ARTRO-PATCH is a biologically inert gel based on stabilized (cross-linked) hyaluronic acid, designed for intra-articular administration to restore the visco-elastic properties of synovial fluid in traumatic and degenerative lesions of the synovial joints, manifested by pain syndrome and/or reduced mobility.

  • Visco-elastic properties of Artro-Patch are as close as possible to the properties of syno­vial fluid of a healthy person
  • The volume of gel Artro-Patch is 3.0 ml, which is sufficient for a full replace­ment of the entire volume of synovial fluid of the knee joint
  • The absence of components of animal origin in the composition of Ar­tro-Patch
  • Molecular weight of hyaluronic acid before stabilization – 2.3 million Da
  • The special technology of «soft crosslinking» of hyaluronic acid allows to achieve the crosslinking coefficient of 0.18%, which minimizes the adverse effects of additional chemical compounds used to stabilize hyaluronic acid
  • Single injection for the treatment course
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