Umerox®, vapors for inhalation

Umerox®, vapors for inhalation, liquid of 3 ml in bottle № 1 is the only inhalation analgesic in Ukraine.


  • 1 bottle (3 ml) contains methoxyflurane 99.9%;
  • excipient: butylhydroxytoluene (E 321).


  • Emergency pain relief in hemodynamically stable patients with trauma and associated pain who are conscious, by self-administration under the supervision of personnel trained in the use of this medicinal product.
  • Pain relief in conscious patients under supervision and require pain relief during surgical procedures such as dressing changes.

Methoxyflurane, which is used with the Umerox® Device inhalation device, has several key advantages for use as an analgesic:

  • quick start of action;
  • pronounced anti-anxiety effect;
  • non-narcotic, with a high safety profile;
  • painless, non-traumatic injection – no injections, no needles;
  • does not require monitoring of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems during use.
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3 ml
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