Umerox® Device

Umerox® Device is a stationary device for inhalation analgesia that allows you to control the dose of methoxyflurane received by the patient and increases the comfort of painful procedures.

The device for inhalation use of the drug methoxyflurane Umerox® Device is intended for vaporization and delivery of vapors of the drug methoxyflurane (Umerox®, vapors for inhalation, 3 ml), ensuring the inactivation of vapors in exhaled air.

Umerox® Device can only be used as prescribed by a doctor and under supervision medical personnel in health care institutions. Dosage and mode of application of the medicinal product are determined by the doctor, in accordance with the instructions for use medicinal product.

Umerox® (vapors for inhalation, liquid in bottles of 3 ml № 1), administered through the inhalation device Umerox® Device, is a fast-acting, inhalable and non-narcotic analgesic.

Methoxyflurane vapors provide analgesia when inhaled in low concentrations.

Indications for the use of methoxyflurane:

  • emergency pain relief in hemodynamically stable patients with trauma and associated pain who are conscious, by self-administration under the supervision of personnel trained in the use of this medicinal product;
  • pain relief in conscious patients under supervision and require pain relief during surgical procedures such as dressing changes.
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