Lactulose is the active substance in LACTUVIT®. It is a milk sugar produced from whey. Its natural origin has become the key to safe and wide administration of LACTUVIT® both in adults and in children from the first days of life.

LACTUVIT® is an excellent laxative for pregnant and lactating women, because, in addition to elimination of problems with bowel movement, it promotes the growth of beneficial microflora in the intestinal tract.


The mechanism of action LACTUVIT® is close to dietary fibers, so it is a perfect digest medium for bifid and lactic acid bacilli.

LACTUVIT® does not decompose and cannot be absorbed throughout the gastrointestinal tract; it passes into the large intestine unchanged. There LACTUVIT® stimulates growth of bifid and lactic acid bacteria, being the perfect digest medium for them. This restores the natural balance of intestinal microflora, the content of the colon increases, softens, physiological mechanisms of peristalsis acceleration strengthen, thereby ensuring normal intestinal function.

Thus, the use of LACTUVIT® solves several problems: gently eliminates constipation, naturally normalizes bowel functions and restores useful microflora in it.

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