Yuria-Pharm hygienic medical cotton rolls

Category: sterile, non-sterile.

Hygienic medical hygroscopic cotton wool, made of 100% high-quality cotton, bleached without chlorine. Due to advanced production technology, cotton wool is an environmentally friendly product, containing no additives and impurities. Cotton wool has a perfectly white color and excellent hygroscopicity, with no foreign odors.

Intended use: Cotton wool is intended for various medical manipulations related to the treatment of wounds. Cotton wool is also used for makeup removal, daily hygienic and cosmetic care; suitable for children and adults.


  • Made of 100% high quality cotton.
  • Bleached without chlorine.
  • Environmentally friendly product.
  • No foreign odors.
  • Intended for both medical manipulations and hygienic and cosmetic purposes.
  • Provides the maximum absorbing and cleansing effect.
  • Intended for any skin type.

Presentation: 25 g, 50 g, 100 g.

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