The Ulaizer therapy

The YURiA-PHARM Corporation presents to your attention a range of the Ulaizer™ compressor nebulizers: 

  1. THE ULAIZER™ Home – a compressor nebulizer designed for the whole family and at-home use. 
  2. THE ULAIZER™ AIR+ – the most advanced solution for prophylaxis and treatment of respiratory diseases. It is operating on an accumulator and through a car cigarette lighter. The most portable compressor nebulizer. For those who keeps up with the times!

The nebulizer therapy  is a type of inhalation therapy. The special devices – nebulizers – are used for the nebulizer therapy (from the Latin word “nebula” — fog, cloud; was first used in 1874 to name an “instrument transforming a liquid substance into a medicinal aerosol”). 

The compressor nebulizers (when air is supplied to spraying chamber through a compressor) are reliable and easy-to-use devices which do not affect the thermosensitive medicines and hormones containing complex molecular fractions. That is why compressor nebulization is supposed to be a gold standard for inhalation therapy. 

The main advantages are:

  • A high level of a medicine in lungs that resulted in reduced total dose of the product and, thus, a decreased system effect of the product;
  • No biotransformation of a medicine (blood protein binding, hepatic modification, etc.) prior to the effect onset;
  • Easy and precise dosing of medicines;
  • Easy inhalation technique even at home;
  • Wide range of medicines and combinations used for inhalations (all standard inhalation solutions can be used; two or more medicinal products can be co-administered); drug compatibility;
  • Oxygen supply to inhalator circle allows oxygen saturation of aerosol mixture;
  • An artificial respiration unit connected to inhalator circle allows use in ICU’s;
  • Can be used in any age group;
  • No need for breath-aerosol flow synchronization, thus, it can be used regardless of severity of the patient’s condition and dyspnea.

Has following therapeutic effects (depending upon the used product group):

  • antimicrobial;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • mucolytic;
  • broncholytic.
Sales markets

Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.