Breather Barrier




Breather Barrier

Breather Barrier is a special solution for “breathering” procedure used to moisturize and clean the mucous membrane of the upper airways from allergens, dust and microorganisms (as well as for use in the Breather Airox inhaler ...

Breather Treat

Breather Treat is a special solution for breathering that makes breathing easier by diluting and facilitating the elimination of the secretion of the respiratory tract mucosa in patients with inflammatory diseases of respiratory organs by means ...

Breather Airox System

Technological device Breather Airox is intended for therapy in respiratory diseases of the upper airways (allergic rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, etc.) and is safe and convenient for adults and children. It acts only in the upper airways without ...


N-Sept® is a ready-to-use chlorine-active disinfectant in the form of a broad-spectrum solution for 30-second one-step disinfection of hard, non-porous surfaces, including stainless steel, pre-sterilization treatment of non-critical instruments; effective in an organic medium (5% serum).


U-BOX is a mobile disinfection box, aerosol spraying system, officially certified in Ukraine as a medical device. U-BOX is a closed system consisting of a portable transparent box with an aerosol installation placed inside, capable of a short ...

Ulaizer™ Air+

Ulaizer™ Air+ is a new generation compact compressor nebulizer! Intended for home treatment of respiratory disorders. It can be used in all age groups: babies from birth, adults, and elderly.


ECTOBRIS is a sterile isotonic solution for inhalation, containing Ectoin®, a natural molecule with anti-inflammatory and membrane-stabilizing properties that protects cells and is used to relieve symptoms of respiratory disorders.


Litan-Sept® is a ready-to-use chlorine-active disinfectant in the form of a broad-spectrum solution for decontamination and disinfection of all hard, non-porous surfaces. Active Ingredient: hypochlorous acid 0.046%; excipients up to 100%. ...


Yusept – change your view on hand treatment. Do you know that certain conditions are necessary for effective hand antiseptic treatment? Solution for treating hands should have a broad spectrum of action; The processing time must be at ...


HOROSTEN® – Antiseptic for treating wounds in the form of a solution for external use. The active ingredient is a well-known highly active antiseptic decamethoxin. HOROSTEN® has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects. In the ...

Yuria-Pharm injection kit

The whole set is packed in a single package – a box with all the necessary information, the main symbols in accordance with current legislation. In addition, all components are packaged in a primary package that protects against bacteria and ...

U-FIX medical adhesive bandages

U-FIX medical adhesive bandages, able to fix, non-sterile, with different bases and sizes. An adhesive bandage appeared in Ancient Egypt more than 3 thousand years ago. It was plastic mixture based on fat or wax mixed with various active ...