Decasan® is an antiseptic, decamethoxine solution for external and intracavitary (abdominal and pleural cavities) administration.

1 ml of the solution contains 0.2 mg decamethoxine.

The mechanism of action of Decasan® is defined by its active substance, and consists of:

  • increasing permeability of microbial cells and their destruction;
  • inactivation of exotoxin;
  • inhibition of microbial protein synthesis and division of microbial cells.

One of the main advantages of Decasan® is that its action on microbial cells only, and absence of influence on human cells.

Decamethoxine is a surface active agent (surfactant); its action is induced by violation of cell wall integrity. Cell walls of microorganisms consist of short lipid chains, which are rapidly destroyed under the influence of Decasan®. The walls of human cells consist of long lipid chains, which are not affected by decamethoxine molecule.

The product also has:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • desensitizing, and
  • antispasmodic action.

Due to this fact, the product is successfully used for treatment of septic bacterial and fungal diseases of the skin, microbial eczema, pyoinflammatory lesions of the soft tissues, dental diseases, inflammations of airways, treatment of wound surfaces, prevention of peritoneal adhesions, effective prevention and treatment of pressure sores and ischemic ulcers.

Lately Decasan® has been widely used for inhalations in the single-dose sterile containers for inhalation.

How supplied
100 ml
200 ml
400 ml
100 ml
250 ml
1 L
2 ml
Sales markets

Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.