Light-protective Yuria-Pharm system for intravenous administration

Yuria-Pharm light protection system has a special design of two-layer protection against photons of light, which reliably protects against the decomposition of the active substance of the drug, which is introduced during infusion therapy, when exposed to light. At the same time allows medical staff to visually control the process.

Complete set:

  • metal needle for puncture of a stopper of a bottle with the integrated air duct and the antibacterial filter of 4 microns for air. Reduces the effort of puncturing the vial stopper and allows access with one puncture;
  • the system tube and drip chamber have a two-layer protection against photons of light and PVC material DEHP-free. Avoid the risks associated with compatibility with DEHP (chemotherapy) and the risks associated with the toxicity of DEHP, as well as use the system for the administration of drugs that require protection from the sun;
  • updated roller infusion rate regulator with smooth adjustment and reliable fixation of infusion rate. Fixing the system tube in the regulator;
  • Latex-free injection site avoids the risk of latex allergy. 21G injection needle (0.8 x 38 mm) for intravenous access;
  • a patch of 3 tapes to fix the needle and tube system to the patient’s skin.
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